The Scallywag is a 1974 Islander '37. Islander is a beautiful but defunct boat builder out of Costa Mesa, Calif. and it's rare to see them away from the West Coast. 

Our boat has a long and storied history and a close family of previous owners. When we first stepped on the Scallywag, the generous previous owner realized we had no idea what we were doing and smiled.

"This boat comes with lessons," he told us, and we've been learning from him ever since. 

Before our sailing mentor took ownership of the Scallywag, it belonged to the salty sea dog, Tim Tunks, who wrote about his decade of sailing off the grid along the coast of California and Mexico in his book, The Best Gift Ever: Tim Tunks' Tips And Tales For Boats With Sails. He's also been a regular columnist for The Mariner Magazine, where he detailed improvements to many of Scallywag's systems. 

Padretimo and his heady days aboard the Scallywag in the 1990s.

While in California, we'd sometimes get hailed by fellow sailors who recognized our boat from "Padretimo's" days down south. We're guessing Scally's seen a lot more exploits than we ever will.