A playlist of the best songs for sailing, according to sailors.

Music choices while sailing, like boats, are oddly personal. One woman's earworm is another woman's beloved ditty. So it's always interesting to see what fellow sailors blast when they're aboard. 

I wrote awhile back about my favorite songs for sailing, and was delighted a few days ago when one of my favorite sailing groups sounded off on what they love to listen to. 

It's a diverse list that I thought was worth sharing, whether you're regularly onboard or not. As of today, we're snowed in and definitely not going anywhere, so I appreciated trying on some tunes that I was either unfamiliar with or hadn't heard in a long time, while I waited out the storm. 

Since I was listening to all of them anyway, I pulled them together in a Spotify playlist for others to enjoy as well. I've set the list to be collaborative and If you think I'm missing something perfect, please add it in or message me in the comments and I'll add it for you. 

Here you go! Enjoy responsibly, with rum, whiskey or coconut water in hand. Also, if you'd like to add to it, here's the link in Spotify.