In 2013, we bought a boat without knowing how to sail. Since then, we've been teaching ourselves proper seamanship and how to live aboard.

Those who knew us considered our new obsession a little wild, but unsurprising. We'd been joyful adventurers before we met each other. Our mutual desire to seek the unknown became the basis for our relationship and eventually a nonprofit, which allowed us to travel the world together for several years on end. New places, new intellectual challenges and new friends have always sustained our spirits. 

But, as for many, the frenetic pace of a life on the move did not. Traveling is the art of finding home in the unfamiliar, but even as we enjoyed our new discoveries, we couldn't shake our feeling of rootlessness. So, as we advanced in our careers and our friends began to settle down, it seemed a choice was imminent -- build our adventure or build our home. Jon and I asked each other, can we do both?

Today, we can say that boat life is as close as we could find to the perfect compromise. Living simply, learning to sail and joining the community that surrounds the sea is both a demanding challenge and a chance to build a sense of place that doesn't rely on geography. Our home comes with us and our adventure is waiting for us whenever we climb aboard. 

Jon and I are originally from Los Angeles and in that first year we split our time between an apartment in Silver Lake and life aboard the Scallywag in the nearby beach town of Ventura. In 2014, big opportunities in our careers drew us to New York City. A few months later as it started looking like we'd be here for awhile, we brought the Scallywag out, too. Our family just didn't feel complete without her. In October 2015, we'll be moving aboard full-time.

Combining the pizazz of life in the Big Apple with the peace of a 37' sloop is its own challenge. As we've grow more into this lifestyle, we've gotten a lot of questions from others who are delighted with the idea.

Can you maintain a mainstream career with a passion for the extraordinary? Yes. 

Does a simple life have to look or feel like a sacrifice? No.

Are there other extraordinary lifestyles hidden among us? Definitely.

Sail Me Om documents how we, and others, are searching for that balance of mind, body and adventurous spirit and what we can learn from each other along the way.